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COVID-19 Response UPDATED October 13, 2022

Worshiping in body and spirit...

The Service of the Holy Communion is now being offered on Sunday mornings at 10:00am and have returned to the main sanctuary. Though the current COVID-19 mutations are less severe, they are more contagious. Most states have completely relaxed COVID protocols and restrictions, however, we will continue to encourage appropriate measures in worship, wearing masks and sanitizing hands, to protect our community. Some of us still cannot join together in physical community, but we can gather our prayers together, and receive God's grace through the wonders of the internet. To participate online, you can join by clicking the link to ZOOM also found on the main page. If you opt to stay at home but would like to receive Holy Communion, please contact Pastor Jim at 443.402.5828 to make an appointment for visitation or use the email below.


If you have need for prayer, please email us at with your prayer requests.

Activities at St. Luke's

Activities have resumed in full force. COVID restrictions are no longer mandatory but each group and facilitator at St. Luke's may implement their own expectations for activities. If you are physically able to be vaccinated we strongly urge you to do so. Not only does the science demonstrate the efficacy of the vaccine to prevent infection and minimize symptomatic disease, it also reduces the rate of transmission and protects the vulnerable individuals and children. 

Official CDC Guidelines


A Word About Giving

The ministry of St. Luke’s Church on the Avenue thrives on the generosity of our community. During this time of social distancing and economic uncertainty, we recognize that financial resources may be stressed from our giving community.

If you have the resources available to you, please consider how you might support the church through this difficult period. We encourage all of our members, and our wider community to utilize our online giving portal to make one-time or regularly scheduled contributions. We trust in the abundance of God, and give thanks for your participation in the vibrance of this community.

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