COVID-19 Response

Need a hand, Lend a hand...

If you or someone you know is among those at risk populations, please click the link below to sign up on the community response site to provide or receive assistance from neighbors. Those of us with healthy immune systems can go to the grocery, the pharmacy for our neighbors and help keep our community safe and healthy.

Baltimore Neighborhood Quarantine Response 

Worshiping in body and spirit...

As of July 5th in-person Service of the Word is now being offered on Sunday mornings at 9:30am outdoors in the church courtyard. Protocol for participation can be found on the main page of this site.  While during this crisis, we cannot all be together in physical community, we can gather our prayers together, and receive God's grace through the wonders of the internet. To participate online, you can join by clinking the link to ZOOM found on the main page.


If you find challenges with using ZOOM, Bishop Bill Gohl, is providing a streaming Service of the Word on Sundays at 10am for the Church available at any of the three links below. In the meantime, if you have need for prayer, please email us at with your prayer requests. 


DE-MD Synod's Streaming Worship for Sundays and Wednesday Lenten Vespers

DE-MD Synod Website

DE-MD Synod Facebook 

DE-MD Synod YouTube Channel

A Word About Giving

The ministry of St. Luke’s Church on the Avenue thrives on the generosity of our community. During this time of social distancing and economic uncertainty, we recognize that financial resources may be stressed from our giving community.

As we cancel activities, and urge folks to stay home, this will inevitably have an effect on the church’s resources, and yet, like everyone, there are still bills to pay. If you have the resources available to you, please consider how you might support the church through this difficult period. We encourage all of our members, and our wider community to utilize our online giving portal to make one-time or regularly scheduled contributions. We trust in the abundance of God, and give thanks for your participation in the vibrance of this community.

St. Luke's Church on the Avenue is a local community of the Delaware-Maryland Synod

St. Luke's Church on the Avenue

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