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Holy Week(s) in Quarantine

Man, I'm struggling. Not simply as an extrovert who feels cut off from civilization, but as an actively tech-avoidant person - I have my reasons - forced to engage with others via digital means. And now as we move into the Holiest week of the church year, the culmination of our faith, the world series of liturgical events, we're forced to turn in our front row seats to the most sensory oriented ritual experiences of our tradition for a screen and a sound bar.

As some of my colleagues in ministry have taken to the interwebs with zest for new life and possibilities, my creativity seems to have gone into hibernation while I work through my famine of physical connection. Zoom memberships have skyrocketed as seemingly every organization or group moves to video conferencing for their main source of communication. I subscribed, and have been utilizing it with appreciation and disappointment. It's better than nothing, I suppose, but I am longing for reality, not the virtually real.