From Congregation to Community

As you look around the neighborhood and up and down the Avenue it is evident that we are settled amidst creativity, arts, and above all community. Here in Hampden, residents know our neighbors, and with business owners alike, we possess a shared sense of responsibility to the health and well-being of our corner of the city.

The people of St. Luke's have been undergoing a reorientation from the identity of a congregation - a particular group that gathers together for worship - to a community in participatory partnerships with neighbors, 

merchants, artists, and organizations. It is in meaningful relationships that we bear witness to our faith in Jesus Christ and his command to "love one another" through hospitality, fellowship, and service in the world. 

As the world grows smaller and more divided, we are committed to cultivating a community that is not defined by a particular sub-culture but builds bridges among them that we might reflect the beautifully diverse kingdom of God. We seek to be a community...

  • that  knows our neighbors and expresses the love of God that we have received ourselves; 

  • where traditionally marginalized communities including people of color, LGBTQ+, diversely abled, immigrants, socio-economic statuses, and those struggling with addiction are fully included, affirmed, and encouraged;

  • a place of reconciliation where individuals can identify our cultural privilege and be empowered to leverage that privilege for the sake of justice on behalf of marginalized and oppressed peoples


We respect differing experiences in hopes that instead of growing apart in fear, we can grow together in grace and love through the gift of relationship.


The doors are open for a variety of activities and meetings, providing space for neighbors and friends to cultivate authentic relationships. The doors are open for all to go out and be part of this inspiring neighborhood to find the Spirit and presence of God that has been here long before any of us.


It is through our regular practice of Worship - the regular reception of the Word (reading, study, and interpretation of the Bible) and Sacrament (sharing in holy communion, the meal of bread and wine bound to Jesus' presence) - that we are nourished by God's grace to carry out this mission.


Together, we explore what it means to believe in a God so expansive and yet so near. We learn how this shapes us, and how it informs our way of life here in this moment, in this place, and we invite you to join us in the conversation. Welcome to Hampden, hon.



Rev. Jim Muratore, Pastor


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St. Luke's Church on the Avenue is a local community of the Delaware-Maryland Synod

St. Luke's Church on the Avenue

800 W. 36th Street

Baltimore, MD 21211


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